Authors Guidelines

Manuscript should be prepared in either British or American  English language, however it is expected that authors must be consistent in the choice of English language used. Authors are advised  to proof read their works efficiently before submission and correct language errors if any. Proof reading the manuscript before submission, would make manuscript processing and publication time shorter and quicker.

Required Information on Title Page

  • Title: The title should be brief and informative.  Abbreviations and formula where possible should be avoided
  • Author names and affiliations.  Authors name should be presented after the title, with the author’s affiliation below the name. Author’s affiliation should be with a lower-case superscript letter and should appear immediately after the authors name and before any appropriate address, emails should be added as well if any.
  • Corresponding author. Corresponding author should provide: telephone number (with country and area code) as well as the e-mail address and the complete postal address.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Download IJGSS Guide for Manuscript Preparation 

Copyright Transfer and Consent Form

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