Aims and Scope

The primary aim of Geospatial Links is to contribute towards the growth and development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geoinfomation, Geo-Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI), Remote Sensing and Computer Aided Drafting; their applications to Social, Environmental and Earth Sciences to achieve sustainable development in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.  

In line with the above, the International Journal of Geo-Spatial Science (IJGSS). An open access quality publication of from diverse fields such as and not limited to; Geographic Information Systems, Geoinfomation, Environmental Science, Management and Technology, Geo-Spatial Data Infrastructure, Town Planning, Estate Surveying, Remote Sensing, Architecture, Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and other related professional areas and technologies that emphasize new research, development and their applications.

The online journal is published quarterly with contents from Geospatial Links seminars and conferences and from other authors at large, aimed at providing an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of information that support high-level learning, teaching, research and policy formulation.