Building a GIS Career

The use of geospatial technologies is increasingly being used in a variety of fields. GIS is being used in many different industries and the skills required to be a successful GIS professional have evolved over the years. Below are recommendations on building a strong background in preparation for a career in GIS based on what
GIS career prospects in Nigeria is huge and very professional at this present moment. The future growth potential of Geographical Information Systems in Nigeria is very evident as the technology now expands across the country. GIS career opportunities for Nigerians via training certifications or university is indeed very wide and open. The following point illustrates
Free Satellite Imagery From Space Agencies Around the World The secret is that there are dozens of websites from agencies around the world that will equip you with high quality satellite imagery. Not only can you can download some of the latest, greatest satellite imagery – but it’s all at NO CHARGE. And all you need to
You probably grew up using ArcGIS… or QGIS… And every day, you sit down at your computer desk. …and you do the same thing: You open up the same ArcGIS software…or QGIS software (albeit a newer version) because that’s what you know best. But have you ever asked yourself: Can I get MORE from using
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) day 2015 celebration held at the University of Calabar provided an avenue for the community to learn about GIS and its varied applications. It was organized and hosted by the Department of Geography and Environmental Science with support of Geospatial Links Company and a team of other sponsors, on the 18th


23th – 24th November 2017 Theme: ‘GEOSPATIAL SYSTEMS FOR APPS DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH IN AFRICA’ Welcome to the 2nd GIS Researcher in Africa (GISRAfrica 2017) conference, academic hosted by Bells University of Technology, Ota as our academic sponsor and powered by Demuft-Aby Limited The GISRAfrica conference will be a series in Africa nations. GISRAfrica conference
Are you excited about GIS day? Every year, people from around the world celebrate GIS Day. In 2017, it’s scheduled for November 15, 2017. But what exactly is GIS day? What are some ideas for GIS Day? Let’s adventure into the one day of the year dedicated to the emerging technology of Geographic Information Systems.