Call for Abstracts/Papers The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) on behalf of Chief and Co-Host hereby calls for the submission of abstracts and full papers. Authors willing to present at the conference should submit abstracts of not more than 250 words before the 7th of September, 2018 and full papers before the 26th of October. Submissions
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Global CO2 Emissions

By Chukwudi Njoku

GIS Day 2017

November 15 2017 has been set aside as the worldwide celebration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is the annual salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and better our lives. The day provides an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate realworld applications that are making a difference in our

Why All Maps Are Wrong

By Steve GIS

Power Tools For Commercial Real Estate

By Steve GIS

An Open 3D Standard