Geospatial Links Company is a leading geospatial enterprise registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (NCAC).

Our services include, but not limited to surveying and mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) analysis and training, geoinformatics and digital mapping, research and publishing, amongst other activities.

Our company has successfully executed various projects individually and in conjunction with some of our affiliates.

MISSION AND STRATEGY                                                                       

Mission: To provide value added solutions that will be secure, accurate, prompt and effective through:

People: Employing, developing and retaining a well motivated team-oriented workforce, sharing common ideals and values

Service: Evolving and marketing a range of technology-driven services to meet the diverse needs of our clients

Profit: Ensuring that our operations reflect a commitment to quality and are profitable at all times through prudent management.


Geospatial Links Company in its entrepreneurship drive continues to identify new opportunities and discover new ways to do old processes through our people, processes and technology. We strive to establish a direct one to one relationship with every of our customers and we promote excellence through optimal productivity of all people in the company at all times and ensure that performance and the achievement of goals will reward the system. 


For any project, Geospatial Links will appoint a Project Director and Project Manager. The role of the Project Director is to ensure the client’s overall objectives are understood and met. They will both bring together consultants from across the business to best match our skills with the client’s need. Our formal project management system is designed and used to ensure we meet our client’s expectations and provide those deliverables as agreed with the client at the project outset.

At Geospatial Links we utilize industry standard electronic computational/surveying tools and software which bring project delivery up to speed and within original budget. Our surveying capabilities extend beyond the use of traditional surveying techniques to include the use of electronic instrumentation with enhanced computerized processing that automates the downloading of survey data and creation of base drawings. Such drawing files are easily interfaced with modern utility/asset analytical data base tools such as the GIS, GPS, RS and CAD.